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It all starts with a dream

The Farm Project Spain

This website, for now, depicts only figments of our imaginations. We need your help to transform it into a reality. We understand many aspects of the dream painted here will change in the process. We welcome this openly and excitedly. Bring on the momentum. Xx,  Julian & Eva


Regenerating habitat and biodiversity through permaculture farming, planting of food forests and creating systems of water retention.


Weaving the pre-existing culture and community into the project through knowledge and skill exchanges, shared meals, and compost collection.


Serving future generations and developing a curriculum that serves the gifts of each individual child through mentorship and encouraged student leadership.




We intend to live as an intentional and global family. In our family, we clean our plates, wash the dishes of others, and make sure we leave spaces nicer than we find them. We love each other deeply and communicate that often. We express ourselves through art and dance, integrating movement and play into our daily practices. We value connection – to the land, non-human life, and each other. 

This family is open to all persuasions of “abnormal” so long as your expression is authentic, conscious, and consensual 

Our Founding

  • Inclusion

  • Gratitude

  • Kindness

  • Generosity
  • Education

  • Sustainability > Regeneration

  • Zero waste

  • Respect of self, others, the circle, and the land 

  • Global consciousness and respect for science and facts

  • Open, honest & nonviolent communication

Start Local

Permaculture CSA

Local Legislation

Local Compost Program

Produce & Seed Sharing

Think Global

International Backpackers

Global Youth Exchange programs

Refugee Inclusion

Global Ecovillage Network

Project Goals

  • Plant 2,000 trees in first 2 years

  • Implement compost exchange within a 15k radius of farm

  • Engage Regional Community through potlucks, celebrations, and trade

  • Establish a politically active team working with community and local legislation (climate, humanitarian, inclusion)

  • Establish on-land (and ocean line, if location allows) saltwater tank for the growing of seaweed

  • Establish Medicinal Garden for communal use

  • Offer Visa support for visitors and international summer programs (5yr)

  • Establish a Regenerative Education Center to teach regenerative skills, permaculture, and conscious early education. (5yr)

  • Build or restore an international backpackers, sleeping 20. (5yr)


The Farm Project

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Ecovillage Experiences
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