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Project Details

Dream louder

Project Details


Income Opportunities


2 mixed dorms (sleeps 8)

4 Private rooms (sleeps 2)

(sleeps 20)

Possible monthly unadjusted income: €12, 880





Events & Workshops

Natural Building Courses: TBD

Ecovillage Design Education: TBD

The Medicine at Your Feet: 40€/day

Joinery: Gain Confidence in Woodwork


Stage 1:
40 percent food sufficiency in 3 years, with surplus for regional compost exchange. Starting Budget: 5,000€

Stage 2:
Excess brought to market in 5 years: vegetables, hemp, seaweed, mushrooms, ginger, turmeric, medicinal herbs + blends. Starting Budget: 10,000€

Stage 3:
Exchange with other ecovillages and farms, to reach 90 percent food sufficiency, in first 10 years.

Energy Surplus

Stage 1:
50 percent energy sufficient in 3 years through the installment of 10 390W panels.
Starting Budget: 10,000€

Stage 2: Install 10 more solar panels by 5 years. Collect and trade excess solar energy locally.

Stage 3:
Exchange energy for goods within network within 10 years.


Stage 1:
Three natural ponds/catchment pools created by second year, collecting water in portable rain barrels.
Starting Budget: 500€

Stage 2: Established UV filters, plumbing and passive watering system for the gardens by year 3.
Starting Budget: 1,000€

Stage 3:
Work with Aquaponics and other water-management tools to design and implement water minimization.

Areas of Regeneration


  • Raising awareness of sustainable design
  • Regional political impact
  • Alternative Education Programming
  • International collaboration through work with GEN & the EU


  • Carbon Neutral Community
  • Forest Regeneration
  • Soil Regeneration
  • Permaculture
  • Revitalize habitat for local birds, bees and wildlife


  • Time banking
  • Complimentary local currency development
  • Job creation within region and community

Possible Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statements


Community project created on the basis of sustainability, love, education, and restoration who aim to raise awareness of both the self and the listed principles.


Permaculture based Eco Village with focus on sustainability, education, land regeneration (soil + water) & reforestation


To create a regenerative harmonious community that operates as a family unit creating stability for future generations.


Playful and sacred space that fosters a deep connection with, and thus care for, the earth and each other.


A pedagogy and political powerhouse for people working for the wellbeing of earth, and for an inclusive and just society.


A colourful blend of humans living together in deep respect for life on earth, working to teach regenerative skills and foster social change through local, global and political action.


Vision Statements

Creating Intentional actions to live harmoniously with the land, animals, each other and global humanity – guided by the 12 permaculture design principles and 5 areas of sustainability.


We envision a community working and living in reciprocity with the land and with each other, creating a ripple in the expansion of human consciousness and action through the teachings of permaculture, regenerative skills, community building and early education. 

Defining Language

Regenerative: Community members are dedicated to serving the land in reciprocity for all it gives. Habitat renewal, permaculture farming, food forest planting. 

Regenerate the region through education, exchange, and volunteerism. See project goals for details. 


Harmonious community: A group of people living in balance with the land and one another through regular contact with the earth, service in reciprocity, open and nonviolent communication, education and continuous development (of the self, as a part of an evolving whole.) 


In reciprocity with the land: humans living as a part of the whole ecosystem; fostering growth and harvesting respectfully. 


In reciprocity with each other: Giving generously, and taking graciously. We help one another develop our abilities, and share those abilities willingly. 


Expansion of human consciousness: Solutions-based thinking to heal the relationship between humans and the land. Fighting climate change through protecting, restoring, and funding nature. (Thanks, Greta!) .




Permaculture Design Cerification, Find 5 co-founders, Establish Association, Purchase land with association.



Observation of land, Building soil and connections with neighbors and region through compost exchange, governance trainings.

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