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Our Ideas

Structure & Leadership

- Association & NGO (Non-Government Organization)
- Community of Owners (Commonhold Act 49/60)
- Shared Leadership (rotating responsibilities)
- Consent-based decision making

Proposed project name: Plantago / The Plantago Project

Do you have a practical skill or want to learn one?

Here is a list of who we will need help from

🌱   Water specialist (could be contracted)

🌱   Soil specialist (could be contracted)

🌱   Energy Specialists: Water, Wind + Solar

🌱   Plant-based Chef

🌱   Technician / engineer

🌱    Innovative Mechanic

🌱   Doctor

🌱  Midwife

🌱   Lawyer / Political Advocate

🌱   Accountant / bookkeeper

🌱   Grant Writer

🌱   Teacher(s)

🌱   Permaculture Specialist(s)

🌱   Builder

🌱   Forest Manager/ tree surgeon

🌱   Hostel/Backpackers Manager



Our shared purpose is to continue developing the ecovillage dream and connecting our project internationally and locally to create a resilient society.
Our shared wish is to find or create a community aligned with our needs and values.


We create spaces for deep sharing.

We create spaces for dance and play.

We attend courses and workshops that are project-aligned and self expanding.

We connect with existing projects and pedagogies.

We maintain feedback loops through project presentations and process updates.


Continuous inner growth. Bringing kindness and joy to our social interactions. Sharing our beliefs (principles) and regenerative skills with those we meet. Encourage dreaming in our relationship with each other. Honest and open human connections, led with curiosity before judgement. Supporting projects and initiatives with shared visions.

The Farm Project

are you ready to
dream with us?

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