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Land Wish List

It all starts with a dream

Land Wish List

Under $250,000 
2+ dwellings
Zoned for building and business
River front 
Mountain Views 
Within 30 minutes of surf beach
3+ Hectares
Birds and Wildlife 
Water Rights / Well
Hot Spring
Regenerative area (dessertified)
Old trees


Stage 1:
40 percent food sufficiency in 3 years, with surplus for regional compost exchange. Starting Budget: 5,000€

Stage 2:
Excess brought to market in 5 years: vegetables, hemp, seaweed, mushrooms, ginger, turmeric, medicinal herbs + blends. Starting Budget: 10,000€

Stage 3:
Exchange with other ecovillages and farms, to reach 90 percent food sufficiency, in first 10 years.

Energy Surplus

Stage 1:
50 percent energy sufficient in 3 years through the installment of 10 solar panels and wind turbine.
Starting Budget: 10,000€

Stage 2: Install 10 more solar panels by 5 years. Collect and trade excess solar energy locally.

Stage 3:
Exchange energy for goods within network within 10 years.


Stage 1:
Three natural ponds/catchment pools created by second year, collecting water in portable rain barrels.
Starting Budget: 500€

Stage 2: Established UV filters, plumbing and passive watering system for the gardens by year 3.
Starting Budget: 1,000€

Stage 3:
Work with Aquaponics and other water-management tools to design and implement water minimization.

The Farm Project

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